Malvern Well Dressing

Following this years' amazing well dressing festival, the MSA Chairman, Dr John Harcup says:

"Considering all the problems for this year the standard of the Well Dressings has been amazing and the interpretation of Planets and Stars has been revelatory.

It has been a difficult verging on impossible decision to award the Chairman's Cup and I have therefore given it to Phil Ironside for an amazingly successful portrayal of the theme active day and night. Phil has been a stalwart enabler of Well Dressing for most this century.

Three other dressings, Hayslad, Malvhina & Willow Spring are of the same calibre so I have added to their Gold Award the accolade "Highly Commended by the Chairman".

I'd like to thank all the Well Dressers for their inspirational efforts."

The theme this year is Planets and Stars.

The Good News is despite Covid-19, Malvern Well Dressing is happening and has prooved an amazing success.

As usual the dressings are outstanding with an incredible show of effort, imagination and skill. Despite a few being a little shaken by the weather most wells are intact.

The Bad News is there are no Minibus Tours or Public Events.

Please visit the Dressed Wells.

This is Malvern, so respect other Well Visitors for Covid-19 safety. This basically means do not share air or touch.

To find the Wells:

Buy a Paper Map from the Malvern Tourist Information Centre

Print a Paper Map

Download an offline map

Show a map includng awards

In lieu of Public Events here are links to Event Videos.

Well Dressing 2021 - St James's Churchyard Spout Blessing with Rev Becky Elliott

Rev Becky Elliott gave a lovely Blessing of the Waters at St James's Churchyard Spout, West Malvern, to start the Malvern Well Dressing Festival 2021.

Well Dressing 2021 - Malvhina Blessing with Rev Rod Corke

Revd Rod Corke gave this lovely Blessing from Malvhina. He included the poem of Edmund Rea, his 1612 predecessor, before giving a concluding thankful Blessing to the Waters.

Do come, find and enjoy the Wells, enjoy the outside, enjoy release from lock-down.

We would love to see you.